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Flexible LED Strips


  • 5000

Innovative LEDs' products feature external drivers unlike many LED strips you will find on the market. What does this mean for you?
  • Cooler running LEDs.
  • Longer lasting LEDs.
  • In the event a driver fails, super easy and painless replacement.
  • The ultimate reliability your vehicle deserves.


  • (2) Flexible LED Strips
  • (2) External Drivers


  • Dual Intensity Circuit (+$15.00)

These flexible LED strips allow them to go where they have never gone before. Does your housing have a curve that could not be conquered by a regular LED strip? These will do the trick. With a flexible circuit board, our strips are quite possibly the most versatile available.

Do you want to use these as running lights and turn signals? Or do you want them to dim to 50% brightness at night? If so, add an optional Dual Intensity Circuit to your order.

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