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If you're reading this, you have likely just joined the ColorNova Team! We would like to thank you for choosing ColorNova and allowing us to help you on your journey to making your vehicle stand out from the crowd. Please make sure to read through this page before installing your kit.

Wiring & Halo Information

So what makes our kits better from the rest? When a resistor fails on other companies' halos, it takes out 3 LEDs with it. This means you have to go through the trouble of opening your light and trying to get a replacement. Now your vehicle is out of commission until you get the light fixed and re-installed. With out halos, the resistors are not mounted on the halos themselves. Instead, they are external from the halos and accessible even after installation.

What are some of the main benefits from externally mounted drivers?

  • Cooler running LEDs
  • Longer lasting LEDs
  • In the event a driver fails, super easy and painless replacement
  • The ultimate reliability your vehicle deserves

These drivers will normally be enclosed in an aluminum box or in a small plastic enclosure with smaller applications. Halos should not be powered on without first connecting them to their appropriate driver or else they will fail. Refer to the label on the back of your driver if you need to know which halo set it belongs to.

Drivers should be mounted in a cool, dry place away from excess heat or water. They should be mounted on a metal surface utilizing the tabs for installation. This will allow the heat they generate to dissipate properly. Mounting them with 3M tape or zip ties is not recommended. 3M tape will increase the amount of heat generated and zip ties could allow them to bounce around, both leading to premature failure.


Larger halos will typically have a driver for each halo which smaller ones with have one driver per two halos. This will be denoted by the number connections coming out of the driver box. The side with the male pins will go to the receiver and the side with the female connectors will go to the halos. The receiver has four terminals labeled as R G B V+. This applies to both remotes.

R = Red Wire

B = Blue Wire

G = Green Wire

V+ = Black Wire

Some kits will arrive pre-wired, so this step is not always necessary. If you receive a 4 to 1 splitter with your order, follow the wiring listed below. This applies to both remotes.

R = Red Wire

B = Green Wire

G = Blue Wire

V+ = Black Wire


On the other side of the receiver, there are two additional terminals for positive and negative. Positive should be provided with a fused (10A) 12V source. We suggest either the ignition or accessory power source Negative should be provided with a good ground source (either from an existing ground wire or bolt).

If you have our ColorNova RF remote, the receiver will have a small red LED on the side with the positive and negative terminals. This LED will flash when power is supplied. Should you need to make the receiver "learn" your remote, press the black button on the receiver one time. The red light will stay illuminated. Now press on any button on the remote. The red light will flash indicating that the pair was successful.

If you have our ColorNova Bluetooth remote, download the app indicated on the card in your package using the QR code. Make sure your Bluetooth is on and let the app find your receiver after it has been turned on. You have access to a full color wheel, many different modes, ability to create custom modes, and the option to play a song and let the LEDs change with the song.

Neither of the remotes are waterproof. Make sure your remote is mounted in a place that is clear from any liquids, water from washing your vehicle, rainwater, etc.


Most of our ColorNova LEDs will come with a pre-attached 3M adhesive backing. In many applications, this is very useful for mounting them. If you find yourself not needing the adhesive, it can be easily peeled off and thrown away. If you are mounting the LEDs near a source of heat, this 3M backing can shrink over time due to exposure. Keep that in mind depending on where they are placed.

 Another mounting method is using beading wire to hold the halos into place. If you go this route, ensure there is not too much stress put on the LEDs or their circuit board to prevent LED failure.

Unless otherwise noted in the products' description, our halos are not waterproof. Ensure they do not come in contact with water, extreme moisture, or other liquids to prevent failure.



Please contact us at if you have any questions! We appreciate your business and hope you enjoy your new ColorNova kit!