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General Questions

Q: What colors do I get with ColorNova halos?

A: All of our ColorNova LEDs are RGB. This means they can be changed to practically any color by using one of our ColorNova remotes. But just because they can change colors does not mean they will always be changing. You can leave them on any single color.


Q: Do I need a remote for my ColorNova halos to work?

A: In short, yes. Since these are multi-colored halos, you will need a remote to be able to control what they are doing. That will allow you to change the colors, modes, or power them on or off at your will. If you have a remote from another vendor that is meant for RGB halos, that will work most of the time as well.


Q: Which remote is best for me?

A: Both of our remotes are wireless. One includes a physical RF remote while the other uses your smartphone as the remote via Bluetooth. Besides changing the colors/modes of the halos, the Bluetooth remote also allows you to let music control the LEDs. If you are okay with pulling out your phone to change the colors/modes, the Bluetooth route may be a good option. The RF remote works from 100+ feet away from the receiver, allows you to change to any color you want, and provides a variety of modes for you to choose from. It also prevents you from needing your phone to change the colors/modes, so this is a great option as well.


Q: How long will ColorNova LEDs last?

A: Our ColorNova LEDs have a rated lifespan of 50,000+ hours. That is almost six years nonstop! Should anything happen that causes your lights to malfunction, you're covered by our Lifetime Warranty!


Q: How difficult is it to install ColorNova halos?

A: All of our halos have a pre-cut and pre-attached 3M backing. In most applications, all you will need to do is peel and stick. There are other ways to mount halos as well depending on where you need them to be. Complete installation guide for your vehicle available upon request with your purchase!


Q: Do you sell headlights with ColorNova halos pre-installed?

A:  Yes, there are a select few headlights that we offer with our halos installed inside already.You may also refer to our Authorized Installers for assistance with installing your ColorNova kit.


Q: Are ColorNova halos legal to use on the road?

A: We recommend all colors other than white to be for off-road use only. Some places are more strict than others, so check with your local and state laws regarding vehicle lighting for specific information about what is legal and what is not.